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S&P Capital IQ Valuations provides investors with a cross-market approach to assessing risk and value in portfolios. We offer independent valuations for global fixed income securities and hard-to-price instruments using both market- and model-approaches.

Trade and Third-Party Prices
We also provide access to over 1.8 million actual trade and indicative prices sourced from third-party providers on a daily basis, and offer visibility to the trade data used to create our valuations.

Market Approach Valuation
Independent market-derived price evaluations are provided daily on over 3 million global fixed income securities to support your fund accounting, trading, reporting, net asset value processes, enable portfolio monitoring and help fulfill regulatory requirements. Daily opinions are based on available market inputs and consistent methodology.

Model Approach Valuation
Model valuation is another way of looking at a security’s valuation, offering an alternative but complementary viewpoint to the traditional market approach.  A model valuation is not only useful for marking portfolios but, in the absence of actual trade data or market evaluated prices, they provide context for the credit drivers underlying the valuation.

Integrated Reference Data
An extensive set of real-time fixed income terms and conditions further support our valuation services. Coverage includes more than 3 million global corporate, government and agency securities and U.S. municipals. Security types include bills, bonds, convertibles, debentures, derivatives and medium-term notes.

Global Asset Class Coverage

•    3.2+ Million Global Market Approach Valuations
•    35,000 + Global Model Approach Valuations
•    1.8 + Million Trade and Third-Party Prices

Flexible Delivery Options
•    Web-based access via a dynamic workflow solution (
•    An Excel Plug-in for use at your desktop for easy integration into your daily workflow
•    Feed-based services for bulk delivery

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Valuations provided by Standard & Poor’s Securities Evaluations, Inc. (SPSE) which is a part of S&P Capital IQ and a registered investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

*The assets listed are not inclusive of all securities priced by SPSE using the market approach, or additional coverage offered through SPSE by third-parties.


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