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Choosing a Good Online Dating Username is Like Writing a Hit Song

What’s in a name? A lot. Other than your default picture, your username is the first thing a potential match sees.  I’ve tackled usernames in a couple articles previously. Here’s a quick and easy method from Loveawake to choose a username that will be unique and fun.

How else do you think Prince came up with a crazy idea like Purple Rain?  Have you ever seen purple rain? I sure haven’t! Is it a catchy and memorable phrase?  It sure is!

Step One:  Make A List of Adjectives

Make a list of adjectives that describe you or things that you like or admire.  This is a brainstorming phase, so just vomit everything out on to the page in front of you. Sure, you’ll probably include some red flag words, but we’ll weed those out later.  Don’t be afraid if some of the adjectives are synonyms.

For example, here’s a list:

  • fun
  • crazy
  • geeky
  • strong
  • brainy
  • smart
  • intelligent
  • caring
  • clumsy
  • lovable
  • sweet
  • purple
  • green
  • chocolate
  • cheesy

Step Two:  Make A List of Nouns

These should be things that you do, like, eat, watch, anything!

  • violin
  • viola
  • orchestra
  • dance
  • cats
  • dragon
  • games
  • rain
  • fettucini
  • mac n’cheese
  • cheeseburger
  • Firefly
  • Serenity
  • nap
  • sleep
  • writer

Step Three:  Combine!

If you’re extra geeky, you’ll have a little bit of code that will calculate all the possible combinations for you.  If you’re not so Code Monkey-esque, you can just read through and see what catches your eye.

Here are some that I think are pretty neat:

  • FunFettucini
  • ChocolateRain
  • BrainySleep (like beauty sleep, but for smart people!)
  • CheesyViolin
  • ViolaGeek
  • SweetSerenity
  • MacNCrazyCheese
  • ClumsyDragon
  • DragonBurger

Yes, some are goofy/crazy/non-sensical, but they’re unique and fun and make people want to click on you to learn more.  If they click on you, they’ll read your profile.  If they read your profile, they might want to email you.  If they email you, they may want a date with you!   It all starts with a click of the mouse!

Not Getting What You Want?

Tweak the ones you like  until you get something with a ring to it.   Add to your list.  Have friends add to your list.  The possibilities are endless!

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