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Standard & Poor's Structured Finance ratings express forward-looking opinions about the credit worthiness of issuers and obligations. Our credit rating analysts specialize in evaluating, among other things, the credit quality, likelihood of default, and potential risks in securitizations.

Asset classes evaluated/rated by Standard & Poor's:

Asset-Backed Securities
ABS ratings cover a broad range of asset types, including revolving consumer assets (credit cards); synthetic securities; operating assets; future flows; auto loans and leases; manufactured housing; and student loans.

Structured Credit Securities
Structured credit securities include a wide variety of debt types, including collateralized loan obligations, credit derivatives, market value structures and non-traditional securitizations. Such securities may be backed by corporate loans, treasuries, agency bonds, and other structured finance assets.

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities
CMBS securities include conduit fusion, floating rate, single borrower, and CRE CDO backed by loans and commercial properties.

Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
RMBS covers a broad range of collateral-backed transactions, including covered bonds, prime jumbo, Alternative A (Alt A), and subprime mortgage loans.

Servicer Evaluations
Standard & Poor's Servicer Evaluations provide market participants with an independent, objective view of a company's ability to service loans and asset portfolios.


Structured Finance Recovery Analytics
Our supplementary assessments of a security's recovery prospects in the event of default under various stress scenarios.

Counterparty Risk Criteria
Our latest counterparty risk criteria news, commentaries, and multimedia.

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