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Standard & Poor’s is the global leader in providing ratings and credit-related services for sovereign, sovereign-supported entities and supranational issuers. Our public sector coverage extends to local and regional governments, as well as to the healthcare, higher education and housing sectors around the world. Our network of offices around the globe enables our regionally-based analysts to gain valuable local insights into the governments they rate.

Sovereign credit ratings reflect Standard & Poor's Ratings Services' opinions on the future ability and willingness of sovereign governments to service their debt obligations to the nonofficial sector in full and on time. Our coverage includes 128 countries.

The documents in the collection below discuss sovereign ratings and our views on trends in sovereign creditworthiness.

Credit FAQ: An Overview Of Standard & Poor's Sovereign Rating Criteria Update

Sovereign Defaults And Rating Transition Data, 2012 Update

Sovereigns Rating List

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The Basics of Sovereign Ratings
Sovereign Ratings, Histories, and Rating List
Recent Sovereign Rating Actions and Commentary
Performance of Sovereign Ratings
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