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Entity Local Currency Rating Foreign Currency Rating T&C Assessment
Abu Dhabi (Emirate of) AA AA AA+
Albania (Republic of) B B BB-
Andorra (Principality of) BBB- BBB- AAA
Angola (Republic of) B+ B+ B+
Argentina (Republic of) CCC+ SD CCC-
Aruba BBB+ BBB+ BBB+
Australia (Commonwealth of) AAA AAA AAA
Austria (Republic of) AA+ AA+ AAA
Azerbaijan (Republic of) BBB- BBB- BBB-
Bahrain (Kingdom of) BBB- BBB- BBB
Bangladesh (People's Republic of) BB- BB- BB-
Barbados B B B
Belarus (Republic of) B- B- B-
Belgium (Kingdom of) AA AA AAA
Belize B- B- B-
Bermuda A+ A+ AAA
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela CCC CCC CCC
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) BB BB BB
Bosnia and Herzegovina B B BB-
Botswana (Republic of) A- A- A+
Brazil (Federative Republic of) BBB+ BBB- BBB+
Bulgaria (Republic of) BB+ BB+ BBB+
Burkina Faso B- B- BBB-
Cameroon (Republic of) B B BBB-
Cape Verde (Republic of) B B BB-
Chile (Republic of) AA+ AA- AA+
China (People's Republic of ) AA- AA- AA-
Colombia (Republic of) BBB+ BBB A-
Commonwealth of The Bahamas (The) BBB BBB BBB+
Congo (Democratic Republic of) B- B- B
Congo (Republic of) B B BBB-
Cook Islands B+ B+ AAA
Costa Rica (Republic of) BB BB BBB-
Croatia (Republic of) BB BB BBB
Curacao A- A- A-
Cyprus (Republic of) B+ B+ AAA
Czech Republic AA AA- AA+
Denmark (Kingdom of) AAA AAA AAA
Dominican Republic BB- BB- BB+
Ecuador (Republic of) B+ B+ B+
Egypt (Arab republic of) B- B- B-
El Salvador (Republic of) B+ B+ AAA
Estonia (Republic of) AA- AA- AAA
Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of) B B B
Finland (Republic of) AA+ AA+ AAA
France (Republic of) AA AA AAA
Gabonese Republic B+ B+ BBB-
Georgia (Government of) BB- BB- BB
Germany (Federal Republic of) AAA AAA AAA
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