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Entity Local Currency Rating Foreign Currency Rating T&C Assessment
Ghana (Republic of) B- B- B
Government of Turks and Caicos Islands BBB+ BBB+ AAA
Greece (Hellenic Republic) CCC+ CCC+ AAA
Guatemala (Republic of) BB+ BB BBB-
Guernsey (States of) AA+ AA+ AAA
Honduras (Republic of) B B B+
Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region) AAA AAA AAA
Hungary BB+ BB+ BBB
Iceland (Republic of) BBB- BBB- BBB-
India (Republic of) BBB- BBB- BBB+
Indonesia (Republic of) BB+ BB+ BBB-
Ireland (Republic of) A A AAA
Israel (State of) A+ A+ AA
Italy (Republic of) BBB- BBB- AAA
Jamaica B- B- B
Japan AA- AA- AAA
Jersey (States of) AA+ AA+ AAA
Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of) BB- BB- BB+
Kazakhstan (Republic of) BBB BBB BBB
Kenya (Republic of) B+ B+ BB-
Korea (Republic of) AA- A+ AA
Kuwait (State of) AA AA AA+
Latvia (Republic of) A- A- AAA
Lebanon (Republic of) B- B- B+
Liechtenstein (Principality of) AAA AAA AAA
Lithuania (Republic of) A- A- AAA
Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of) AAA AAA AAA
Macedonia (Republic of) BB- BB- BB
Malaysia A A- A+
Malta (Republic of) BBB+ BBB+ AAA
Mexico A BBB+ A+
Mongolia B+ B+ BB-
Montenegro (Republic of) B+ B+ AAA
Montserrat BBB- BBB- BBB-
Morocco (Kingdom of) BBB- BBB- BBB+
Mozambique (Republic of) B B B
Netherlands (State of The) AA+ AA+ AAA
New Zealand AA+ AA AAA
Nigeria (Federal Republic of) B+ B+ B+
Norway (Kingdom of) AAA AAA AAA
Oman (Sultanate of) A- A- A
Pakistan (Islamic Republic of) B- B- B-
Panama (Republic of) BBB BBB AAA
Papua New Guinea (Independent State of) B+ B+ BB
Paraguay (Republic of) BB BB BB+
Peru (Republic of) A- BBB+ A
Philippines (Republic of the) BBB BBB BBB+
Poland (Republic of) A A- AA-
Portugal (Republic of) BB BB AAA
Qatar (State of) AA AA AA+
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