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Title Date
Principal-Only 'p' Rating Subscript Applied To 34 French Market-Linked Covered Bonds 17-Apr-2014
20:35 EST

Ratings Withdrawn On 61 Market-Linked Notes Issued By Various Financial Institutions 17-Apr-2014
20:33 EST

Dehesa School District, CA GO Bonds Assigned 'AA-' Rating 17-Apr-2014
19:47 EST

Santa Paula, CA Wastewater Revenue Bond Outlook Remains Negative; Pending Arbitration Results Now Cited 17-Apr-2014
19:45 EST

Mobile Mini Inc. Corporate Credit Rating Raised To 'BB' From 'BB-' On Improving Financial Profile; Outlook Positive 17-Apr-2014
18:27 EST

Masisa S.A. Assigned Preliminary 'BB-' Rating; Outlook Stable; Proposed $300 Million Notes Rated Preliminary 'BB-' 17-Apr-2014
18:06 EST

Rocket Software Inc. Downgraded To 'B' On Dividend Recap; Outlook Stable; New First-Lien Debt Rated 'B+' (Recovery: 2) 17-Apr-2014
17:45 EST

Prospect Park CDO Ltd. Ratings Raised On Three Classes; Off CreditWatch Positive 17-Apr-2014
16:50 EST

California Pizza Kitchen Inc. Downgraded To ‘B-’ On Continued Weak Performance, Outlook Revised To Negative 17-Apr-2014
16:39 EST

BB&T Outlook Revised To Stable From Negative After The Fed Approves The Bank's 2014 Capital Plan; Ratings Affirmed 17-Apr-2014
16:34 EST

Various Rating Actions Taken On JPMorgan Chase Commercial Mortgage Securities Corp. Series 2003-PM1 17-Apr-2014
16:31 EST

North Baldwin Utilities, AL Revenue Bond Ratings Raised To 'A+' On Improved Coverage And Liquidity 17-Apr-2014
16:27 EST

Reichhold Industries Inc. Rating Is Lowered To 'CCC' From 'B-'; Outlook Negative 17-Apr-2014
16:22 EST

Michael Foods Group Inc. 'B' Rating Placed On CreditWatch Negative On Planned Acquisition By Post Holdings 17-Apr-2014
16:03 EST

Jacksboro, TX GO Rating Lowered To 'BBB+' On Our Local GO Criteria, Weak Liquidity 17-Apr-2014
15:57 EST

Greenspring Village Inc., VA 2006A Bond Rating Raised To 'A' On Strong Enterprise And Financial Profiles 17-Apr-2014
15:57 EST

Festus, MO Rating Raised Two Notches To 'AA+' Based On Local GO Criteria 17-Apr-2014
15:45 EST

Element Rail Leasing I LLC $340.347 Million Series 2014-1 Notes Assigned Ratings 17-Apr-2014
15:38 EST

Ratings On Avalon IV Capital Ltd. Notes Withdrawn After Optional Redemption And Refinancing; Replacement Notes Rated 17-Apr-2014
15:16 EST

Endeavor Energy Resources L.P. Senior Unsecured Debt Rating Lowered To 'B' From 'B+' On Add-On (Recovery Rating: '5') 17-Apr-2014
15:14 EST

Three Airlie CLO 2006-I Ltd. Ratings Raised; Two Ratings Affirmed 17-Apr-2014
15:06 EST

Crockett County, TN General Obligation Debt Upgraded To 'A+' From 'A' On Application Of GO Criteria 17-Apr-2014
14:56 EST

Dexia Certificates Trust Series 2008-019 And 2008Q Ratings Raised To 'AA (sf)/A-2 (sf)' And 'AA'; Off Watch Negative 17-Apr-2014
14:55 EST

Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Receipts Series DBE-368 'AAA/A-1', 'AAA', And 'AAA' Ratings Off Watch Developing 17-Apr-2014
14:41 EST

North Carolina's Series 2014B Limited Obligation Refunding Bonds Rated 'AA+' With A Stable Outlook 17-Apr-2014
14:41 EST

Unipol Banca Affirmed At 'BB-/B' As Improving Funding And Support Offset Weaker Capital And Earnings; Outlook Negative 17-Apr-2014
14:33 EST

Printpack Holdings Inc. Is Assigned 'B' Rating, Stable Outlook; $350 Million Term Loan Rated 'B' 17-Apr-2014
14:12 EST

Emmis Communications Corp. Assigned 'B' Rating; Outlook Stable; New Debt Rated 17-Apr-2014
13:27 EST

Wichita County, KS General Obligation Debt Upgraded To 'A+' From 'A' On Application Of GO Criteria 17-Apr-2014
12:57 EST

Mantua Township And Municipal Utilities Authority, NJ Bond Ratings Off Watch, 'AA-' Ratings Affirmed On GO Criteria 17-Apr-2014
12:52 EST

Stockton Public Financing Authority, CA Revenue Bond Outlook Revised To Stable From Negative On Break In Value Declines 17-Apr-2014
12:47 EST

Brookings Institution, DC Rating Raised To 'AA-' On Strengthened Finances And Fundraising Progress 17-Apr-2014
12:30 EST Inc. Unsolicited Ratings Withdrawn Due To Lack Of Investor Interest 17-Apr-2014
12:19 EST

Banca Popolare di Milano Rating Lowered To 'B+', Kept On CreditWatch Negative On Failure To Pass Governance Reform 17-Apr-2014
12:18 EST

Denbury Resources Inc. 'BB' Ratings Affirmed, Outlook Stable; Senior Notes Rated 'BB' (Recovery Rating: '4') 17-Apr-2014
12:07 EST

North Aurora, IL GO Bond Rating Raised To 'AA+' Based On Local GO Criteria 17-Apr-2014
12:05 EST

Saudi Arabia-Based Weqaya Takaful Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Outlook Revised To Negative; 'BBB' Ratings Affirmed 17-Apr-2014
12:01 EST

OneMain Financial Issuance Trust 2014-1 $760.01 Million Notes Assigned Ratings 17-Apr-2014
11:51 EST

Bosphorus 1 Re Ltd. Principal-At-Risk Notes 'BB+ (sf)' Rating Affirmed 17-Apr-2014
11:03 EST

Various Rating Actions Taken In European Cash Flow CLO Transaction DRYDEN XIV - EURO CLO 2006 Following Review 17-Apr-2014
11:03 EST

All Post Holdings Inc. Ratings Placed On CreditWatch Negative Following Announcement Of Michael Foods Group Acquisition 17-Apr-2014
10:58 EST

Various Rating Actions Taken In European Cash Flow CLO Transaction Wood Street CLO II Following Performance Review 17-Apr-2014
10:55 EST

Rhode Island & Providence Plantations' Series 2014 General Obligation Refunding Bonds Rated 'AA' 17-Apr-2014
10:55 EST

Philadelphia Corp. For The Aging, PA Rating Outlook Revised To Negative On Large Operating Losses, Decreased Reserves 17-Apr-2014
10:48 EST

Ratings On Greece-Based Piraeus Bank Affirmed At 'CCC/C' After Announced Capital Increase; Outlook Negative 17-Apr-2014
10:48 EST

Flagship Credit Auto Trust 2014-1 $266.09 Million Notes Assigned Ratings 17-Apr-2014
10:41 EST

Germany-Based Franz Haniel Outlook Revised To Positive On Celesio Disposal; 'BB+/B' Ratings Affirmed 17-Apr-2014
10:41 EST

Dexia Certificates Trust Series DCL 2008-008 And 2008I Ratings Raised To 'AA (sf)/A-2 (sf)' And 'AA'; Off Watch Negative 17-Apr-2014
09:14 EST

Dexia Certificates Trust Series DCL 2008-007 And 2008H Ratings Raised To 'AA (sf)/A-2 (sf)' And 'AA'; Off Watch Negative 17-Apr-2014
09:05 EST

Outlooks On Three Lebanese Banks Revised To Stable Following Sovereign Outlook Revision; Ratings Affirmed 17-Apr-2014
08:57 EST