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Structured Finance Presale Reports

Title Date
Presale: THL Credit Wind River 2014-1 CLO Ltd./THL Credit Wind River 2014-1 CLO LLC 18-Apr-2014
19:27 GMT

Presale: Kilimanjaro Re Ltd. Series 2014-1 Class A And Class B Notes 18-Apr-2014
18:06 GMT

Presale: Chambers Cogeneration L.P. 17-Apr-2014
15:03 GMT

Presale: Logan Generating Co. L.P. 17-Apr-2014
14:52 GMT

Presale: Avery Point IV CLO Ltd./Avery Point IV Corp. 15-Apr-2014
21:42 GMT

Presale: TELOS CLO 2014-5 Ltd./TELOS CLO 2014-5 LLC 14-Apr-2014
21:55 GMT

Presale: MMCA Auto Owner Trust 2014-A 14-Apr-2014
16:36 GMT

Presale: American Credit Acceptance Receivables Trust 2014-2 14-Apr-2014
16:00 GMT

Presale: World Omni Auto Receivables Trust 2014-A 14-Apr-2014
15:03 GMT

Presale: Pepper Residential Securities Trust No.12 14-Apr-2014
09:26 GMT

Presale: AFG 2014-1 Trust in respect of Series 2014-1 14-Apr-2014
02:16 GMT

Presale: Liberty Series 2014-1 Trust 14-Apr-2014
01:00 GMT

Presale: Maritime Link Financing Trust 11-Apr-2014
19:50 GMT

Presale: Trinitas CLO I Ltd./Trinitas CLO I LLC 11-Apr-2014
18:02 GMT

Presale: Capital Auto Receivables Asset Trust 2014-2 11-Apr-2014
17:25 GMT

Presale: Cedar Funding III CLO Ltd./Cedar Funding III CLO LLC 10-Apr-2014
21:15 GMT

Presale: Greywolf CLO III Ltd./Greywolf CLO III LLC 10-Apr-2014
17:26 GMT

Presale: Element Rail Leasing I LLC (Series 2014-1) 09-Apr-2014
20:36 GMT

Presale: CLO Repackaging 2014-1 Ltd. 09-Apr-2014
19:15 GMT

Presale: Marathon CLO VI Ltd./Marathon CLO VI LLC 09-Apr-2014
18:09 GMT

Presale: Spirit Master Funding LLC/Spirit Master Funding II LLC/Spirit Master Funding III LLC (Series 2014-1, 2014-2, And 2014-3) 09-Apr-2014
16:37 GMT

Presale: Santander Drive Auto Receivables Trust 2014-S1-S6 08-Apr-2014
23:25 GMT

Presale: BCC Funding VIII (Series 2014-1) 08-Apr-2014
20:23 GMT

Presale: JFIN MM CLO 2014 Ltd./JFIN MM CLO 2014 LLC 08-Apr-2014
17:19 GMT

Presale: DT Auto Owner Trust 2014-2 08-Apr-2014
15:24 GMT

Presale: Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-2 Ltd./Halcyon Loan Advisors Funding 2014-2 LLC 07-Apr-2014
21:39 GMT

Presale: Everglades Re Ltd. 07-Apr-2014
19:33 GMT

Presale: Driver Twelve GmbH 07-Apr-2014
14:36 GMT

Presale: Flagship Credit Auto Trust 2014-1 04-Apr-2014
22:28 GMT

Presale: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Trust 2014-1 03-Apr-2014
23:22 GMT

Presale: Capital One Multi-Asset Execution Trust (Class A(2014-3)) 03-Apr-2014
19:29 GMT

Presale: Capital One Multi-Asset Execution Trust (Class A(2014-2)) 03-Apr-2014
19:14 GMT

Presale: Fortress Credit Opportunities III CLO L.P. 02-Apr-2014
23:28 GMT

Presale: First Investors Auto Owner Trust 2014-1 02-Apr-2014
22:28 GMT

Presale: Credit Acceptance Auto Loan Trust 2014-1 02-Apr-2014
21:22 GMT

Presale: OneMain Financial Issuance Trust 2014-1 02-Apr-2014
17:43 GMT

Presale: SolarCity LMC Series II LLC (Series 2014-1) 01-Apr-2014
22:39 GMT

Presale: CIFC Funding 2014-II Ltd./CIFC Funding 2014-II LLC 01-Apr-2014
20:34 GMT

Presale: Abengoa Transmision Sur S.A. 01-Apr-2014
00:20 GMT

Presale: TICP CLO I Ltd./TICP CLO I LLC 31-Mar-2014
22:48 GMT

Presale: SNAAC Auto Receivables Trust 2014-1 31-Mar-2014
17:19 GMT

Presale: Mercedes-Benz Auto Lease Trust 2014-A 31-Mar-2014
13:27 GMT

Presale: Penarth Master Issuer PLC (Series 2014-1) 31-Mar-2014
10:39 GMT

Presale: Chase Issuance Trust (Class A(2014-3)) 28-Mar-2014
21:04 GMT

Presale: Chase Issuance Trust (Class A(2014-2)) 28-Mar-2014
20:54 GMT

Presale: CFIP CLO 2014-1 Ltd./CFIP CLO 2014-1 LLC 28-Mar-2014
17:51 GMT

Presale: Great Lakes CLO 2014-1 Ltd./Great Lakes CLO 2014-1 LLC 28-Mar-2014
15:27 GMT

Presale: ARI Fleet Lease Trust 2014-A 27-Mar-2014
16:45 GMT

Presale: COMM 2014-CCRE16 Mortgage Trust 25-Mar-2014
22:41 GMT

Presale: Motor 2014-1 PLC 25-Mar-2014
17:46 GMT

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