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Fund Ratings: News & Commentary

Title Date
Solano County Treasurer's Investment Pool(PDF) 30-Sep-2014
21:09 GMT

Louisiana Asset Management Pool(PDF) 30-Sep-2014
20:45 GMT

Texas Short Term Asset Reserve (TexSTAR) Cash Reserve Fund(PDF) 30-Sep-2014
20:40 GMT

Local Government Investment Cooperative(PDF) 30-Sep-2014
16:23 GMT

CalTRUST Short Term Fund(PDF) 30-Sep-2014
15:01 GMT

Hillsborough County Investment Pool(PDF) 30-Sep-2014
05:00 GMT

‘AAAm’ Principal Stability Fund Risk Metrics (September 2014)(PDF) 30-Sep-2014
00:00 GMT

Contra Costa County Investment Pool(PDF) 30-Sep-2014
05:00 GMT

Maryland Local Government Investment Pool(PDF) 29-Sep-2014
14:14 GMT

Pennsylvania INVEST Daily(PDF) 26-Sep-2014
20:11 GMT

Illinois Funds - Money Market Fund (The)(PDF) 26-Sep-2014
19:33 GMT

Connecticut State Treasurer's Short-Term Investment(PDF) 26-Sep-2014
19:24 GMT

Pennsylvania INVEST Community Pool(PDF) 26-Sep-2014
16:23 GMT

New Jersey Asset and Rebate Management Trust(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
20:00 GMT

Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus MSDLAF+ Portfolio(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
19:22 GMT

Nebraska Liquid Asset Fund(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
18:45 GMT

California Asset Management Trust/Cash Reserve Portfolio(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
17:00 GMT

Wyoming Government Investment Fund Liquid Asset Seris(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
16:06 GMT

Colorado Surplus Asset Fund Trust (CSAFE)(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
15:05 GMT

Illinois Trust(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
14:59 GMT

TexasTERM Local Government Investment Pool/TexasDAILY Portfolio(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
14:46 GMT

Michigan Liquid Asset Fund Plus/MILAF+ Portfolio(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
14:38 GMT

Massachusetts Development Finance Agency Short Term Asset Reserve Fund(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
14:38 GMT

TexPool Prime(PDF) 25-Sep-2014
13:56 GMT

Virginia Local Government Investment Pool(PDF) 24-Sep-2014
15:05 GMT

CM-CIC Securite 'AAAm' Fund Rating Withdrawn At Management's Request(PDF) 17-Jul-2014
00:00 GMT

City of Anaheim Treasurer Investment Pool(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
22:35 GMT

State of Texas Treasury Pool(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
20:45 GMT

Georgia Extended Asset Pool(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
19:46 GMT

Corporate Overnight Plus Fund(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
18:40 GMT

Georgia Fund 1(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
17:00 GMT

New Mexico Local Government Investment Pool(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
15:14 GMT

Kansas Pooled Money Investment Portfolio(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
13:45 GMT

Florida Local Government Investment Trust(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
09:00 GMT

Florida Treasurer's Investment Pool(PDF) 31-Mar-2014
05:00 GMT

Orange County Educational Money Market Fund(PDF) 28-Mar-2014
15:50 GMT

Orange County Money Market Fund(PDF) 28-Mar-2014
15:41 GMT

Government Overnight Fund(PDF) 28-Mar-2014
08:00 GMT

North Carolina Capital Management Trust - Cash Portfolio(PDF) 28-Mar-2014
04:00 GMT

Corporate Overnight Fund(PDF) 28-Mar-2014
04:00 GMT

TEXPOOL(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
19:12 GMT

PFM Funds Prime Series-SNAP Fund Class(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
18:35 GMT

Puerto Rico Government Investment Trust Fund(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
17:35 GMT

Florida PRIME(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
17:34 GMT

Florida Surplus Asset Fund Trust (FLSAFE)(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
15:45 GMT

Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus - Max Class(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
15:34 GMT

Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative-Investment Series(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
15:23 GMT

Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus - Liquid Class(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
14:00 GMT

MNTrust - Investment Shares(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
13:34 GMT

Missouri Securities Investment Program - Money Market Series(PDF) 27-Mar-2014
13:15 GMT

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