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With a global network of offices Standard & Poor’s analysts are able to gain the valuable local insight needed to rate the creditworthiness of public sector entities around the world. These entities include state and local governments; municipal enterprises; bond insurers; sovereign nations; supranational issuers; and higher education, housing and healthcare systems.
Standard & Poor’s offers the following types of ratings services for public sector entities:

  • Credit Ratings - based on analysis performed by experienced professionals who evaluate and interpret information from a multitude of sources, credit ratings provide a detailed opinion about a public sector entity’s creditworthiness.
  • Issuer Credit Ratings – demonstrates an entity’s creditworthiness to contributors, banks or lessors by evaluating the issuer’s long- and short-term debt securities and other financial obligations, such as, commercial paper, credit default swaps and derivative programs.
  • Credit Assessments – a lower cost alternative to a credit rating, an assessment is based on summary financial information and may be used by an entity that is entering the capital market for the first time or by one that is considering the impact of a new financial strategy on its credit rating.
  • Ratings Evaluation Service – an analytical tool for public sector or governmental entities that are considering strategic or financial initiatives that could impact its creditworthiness. More specifically, this service allows entities to assess the potential ratings impact of different types of debt.
  • Standard & Poor’s Underlying Ratings (SPURs) – provides a rating for a debt issue on a stand-alone basis, without credit enhancements.

Public Sector Ratings Criteria
For more information on how we analyze ratings for public sector entities, see our ratings criteria.

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