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Money Market Funds - Indices

S&P Rated Money Fund Indices (Week ended November 11, 2014)

Index Name 7 Day Net Yield % 30 Day Net Yield % 7 Day Gross Yield % Gross 30 Day Yields % Avg. Maturity (days) Total Assets
S&P 'AAAm' Money Fund Index/Government 0.010.01N.A. N.A. 47N.A.
S&P 'AAAm' Money Fund Index/Taxable 0.010.01 N.A. N.A. 44 N.A.
S&P 'AAAm' Money Fund Index/Tax-Free 0.01 0.01 N.A. N.A. 35N.A.

Sources: Standard & Poor's; "Rated Money Fund Report", a service of iMoneyNet.

'AAAm' Principal Stability Fund Risk Metrics (as of December 2013)
*Figures based on a minimum of 90% of S&P ‘AAAm’ rated funds falling under each category

Index Name 7 Day Net Yield % 30 Day Net Yield % Avg. Maturity (days) Total Net Assets (billions) Credit Quality % (A-1+/A-1)
Standard & Poor's 'AAAm' euro principal stability funds0.06 0.05 32 €71.464/36
Standard & Poor's 'AAAm' sterling principal stability funds0.31 0.31 40 £140.667/33
Standard & Poor's 'AAAm' US dollar principal stability funds0.03 0.03 42 $286.8 72/28

To view in Bloomberg: MFSP (Index) (Go) for Money Fund Indices

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