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United States Disclosures

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ESMA - S&P Endorsement of Ratings

As of 30 April 2012, global scale ratings issued by the following S&P’s ratings affiliates are endorsable*:
Argentina: Standard & Poor's International LLC (Sucursal Argentina)
Australia: Standard & Poor’s (Australia) Pty Ltd
Brazil: Standard & Poor’s Ratings do Brasil, Ltda
Canada: Standard & Poors Ratings Services (Canada), a business unit of the McGraw-Hill Companies (Canada) Corp.
Hong Kong: Standard & Poor’s Hong Kong Ltd
Japan: Standard & Poor’s Ratings Japan K.K. and Nippon Standard & Poor’s K.K.
Mexico: Standard & Poor's SA de CV
Singapore: Standard & Poor’s Singapore Pte Ltd
United States*: Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC

*Note: for U.S. Public Finance, we will endorse ratings “on request,” as we expect limited market demand for these endorsements.

We understand that only those ratings bearing the EU and EE identifiers are usable for certain regulatory purposes in the EU. Standard & Poor’s definitions of these identifiers can be found under section "VII. OTHER IDENTIFIERS" on the Standard & Poor's Ratings Definitions page.

Ratings Policies

These are Standard & Poor's ratings policies.

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