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MarketScope provides timely and informative investment insights for financial professionals.  With detailed information about:

  • S&P Investment Strategy – Review the S&P Investment Policy Committee’s asset allocation with recommendations by asset class.
  • Economy Watch – Access recent economic releases such as housing starts, factory orders and consumer sentiment.
  • Trends & Ideas – View actionable investment ideas to help your clients and build your practice.
  • Market Movers – Timely information on which stocks are moving and why.
  • Research Notes – the latest from S&P equity analysts on STARS stock rankings and buy/hold/sell recommendations, along with views on company news and earnings releases.

European MarketScope

MarketScope features independent commentary and analysis with a focus on stock-moving stories including:  

  • Flash Headlines - Changes in global, pan-European or local marketing broker recommendation or objective (50+ per day)
  • MarketMovers – News summaries on individual companies, quarterly, interim or full-year results and how these compare with consensus. (200+ per day)
  • Broker News & Views – Broker opinion on individual companies with interviews on impact of M&As, consolidations or drivers behind recommendation changes (24+ per day)  

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