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Valuation and Risk Strategies

Valuation and Risk Strategies offers a portfolio of products and services that serve the global financial markets by providing financial market intelligence and analytic insight for risk driven investment analysis within the debt, structured finance, derivative, and credit markets.

CUSIP® Global Services

CUSIP® is the universally accepted standard for uniquely classifying financial instruments across institutions and exchanges worldwide, providing a unique common language for over 9.1 million financial instruments.

Global Credit Portal

RatingsDirect® on the Global Credit Portal provides real-time access to integrated credit research, market information, and risk analytics, leveraging the latest content and technology to give subscribers the actionable credit market intelligence needed to help assess exposure and capitalize on investment opportunities.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions combines high-quality, multi-asset class and market data to help investors meet the new analytical, risk management, regulatory and front- to back-office operations requirements.

Leveraged Commentary & Data

Leveraged Commentary & Data (LCD) delivers unique insight into the leveraged loan market through a combination of data, analysis, commentary and real-time news.

Global Markets Intelligence

Global Markets Intelligence is charged with helping investors better understand cross-market and cross-asset class valuations and relationships in complex structured products, by producing deep-dive analyses and research to help improve investor-level transparency.

Risk Solutions

Risk Solutions help institutions worldwide manage, measure, and mitigate credit risk, and make informed decisions that can improve risk-adjusted return and gain a competitive advantage.

Risk-to-Price®: The New Risk Benchmark

Risk-to-Price® (R2P) is a relative measure of how well a security may be compensating its owner, through yield, for the embedded market and credit risks.

Solutions Exchange articles, produced by the Solution Architects team, focus on events or trends in the market in an effort to provide financial market professionals with greater insight. 

Structured Finance

Structured Finance Commercial Analytics provides analytical modeling and data capabilities for performing credit, cashflow and detailed asset analysis for RMBS, ABS, CMBS and CDO structured finance securities and whole loans.


Valuation Services address investor requirements for risk mitigation, alpha generation, and cost control around the valuation of assets; providing clients with a wide range of valuation capabilities ranging from market-based pricing of intrinsic valuations to highly customized portfolio advisory solutions.

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