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Custom Research

Custom Research, Reports and Analysis Tailored to Your Specifications

Leverage S&P Capital IQ specialists for your custom research project. Our highly skilled and experienced teams utilize the most comprehensive, timely and reliable information resources and databases to provide customized, focused analysis, research studies, and reports to save you time. We also offer convenient credit card billing options.  


•  Credit Ratings―Historical    
•  Research                                                                                            
•  Ownership
•  Financials & Valuation            
•  Estimates
•  People Intelligence
•  Economic Data
•  Private Equity
•  Pricing
•  Screening
•  Insurance Company Data

Example Output

•  Executive Compensation Study for company peer groups, as well as Black-Scholes option values calculations for SFAS 123/Executive Compensation Compliance.

•  Relative Rates of Return―Custom report using specified years of daily close prices and calculated relative rates of return for a company’s stock versus the S&P 500.

•  Metrics for Custom Company GroupIdentify the 100 fastest growing companies in the S&P 1500 and compare operational metrics and growth rates.

•  Fortune 500 and S&P 500 ratings data - Current or historical ratings, actions, outlook, geographical location, GICS and Industry.

•  Performance Graph Services―Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliant with authoritative and objective data on publicly traded companies. Benchmark performance agaisnt Standard & Poor's, NASDAQ®, Russell, or Dow Jones indices.

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