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Cross Reference Services®

Cross Reference Services® is a comprehensive repository that ties together the underlying value-added data from the ISIDPlus, Security to Entity CrossWalk and Associated Obligor product databases, revealing important connections between sectors, instruments, issuers, entities, parents and obligors.

Through access to proprietary Standard & Poor’s global identifiers, and in conjunction with global third-party partners, Cross Reference Services helps firms create customized data mapping systems, review and validate current identifiers and pinpoint the relationships that exist between standard and proprietary identifiers domestically and around the world.

Cross Reference Services helps organizations:

  • Assess concentration in portfolios and lending strategies
  • Support efficient cross-border trading
  • Manage credit and counterparty risk
  • Meet Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory requirements
  • Enhance business processes and increase automation

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Offered by S&P Capital IQ. 

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