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Credit Risk Services

Credit Risk Services incorporates all the best of what Standard & Poor’s has to offer: data, tools, access to a comprehensive platform, and analytical rigor.  Institutions can further develop internal rating systems, risk management methodologies, validation processes, and support systems. Additionally, these services can enhance and validate credit risk assessment processes, collect and analyze data, and model credit risk.

Standard & Poor’s offers institutions the ability to develop competitive credit risk management processes, including:

  • A clear and consistent credit risk management process that communicates the quality of a portfolio to investors and regulators;
  • A standard internal rating scale or credit score that allows an institution to benchmark the quality of their portfolios against other institutions; and
  • An effective credit risk measurement for capital optimization.

Learn more about Credit Risk Services from Standard & Poor's: 

The 17 Credit Warning Signs Podcasts

(Part 1) - Analytical Considerations and Assessing the Aggressiveness of a Company Business Model (7:13)
(Part 2) - Assessing Major or Abrupt Shifts in Business Operating Strategy (4:05)
(Part 3) - Assessing Executive Compensation and Benefits, and Senior Management and Board Member Turnover (5:14)
(Part 4) - Detecting Industry Concerns That May Arise From Certain Management Practices (05:36)
(Part 5) - Warning Signs Related To Financial Leverage (3:16)
(Part 6) - Derivatives And Off-balance Sheet Structures (4:07)

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