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Associated Obligor

Standard & Poor's Associated Obligor helps financial professionals better monitor exposure and manage credit risk by connecting the entities that are responsible for paying and/or guaranteeing debt to applicable financial securities.

Associated Obligor helps identify the increasingly complex inter-relationships that exist across an entity, its subsidiaries and their financial instruments and obligations for fixed income holdings to:

  • Determine the obligor responsible for debt service payments
  • Reduce credit exposure and counterparty risk
  • Improve compliance with insight into security holdings and cross-ownerships
  • Increase the understanding of cross-market investing capabilities and exposure

Associated Obligor uses the 9-digit CUSIP identifier to link multiple securities to a 6-digit reference ID. In addition to identifying the security payment obligor, the service identifies existing Terms & Conditions data for the underlying security.

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Offered by S&P Valuation and Risk Strategies. 

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