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Capital IQ's SystematIQ

Capital IQ’s Quantitative Research group specializes in uncovering new anomalies and differentiated stock selection strategies that investors can exploit to outperform the market. This is the first-ever quantitative research group to collectively leverage Compustat’s North America Point-In-Time and Capital IQ’s Global Point-In-Time datasets, ClariFI’s advanced research and portfolio management platform, along with its own proprietary and third party data.
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Alphaworks is a web-based market analysis and research tool, updated daily to provide statistical profiles, definitions, and ongoing performance for hundreds of quantitative stock selection signals. With direct links to ClariFI, this on-line encyclopedia houses the latest thinking on factor research and multi-factor modeling.

Stock Selection Models are available via FTP data feeds. Built from the industry's only daily Point-In-Time fundamental database, Capital IQ’s Stock Selection Models deliver superior risk-adjusted returns across a variety of investment strategies - Value and Growth - and style Quality and Momentum, and leverage key industry-specific and market cap specific formulations.

Multi-Horizon Equity Risk Models based on the proprietary Alphaworks fundamental factor library, GICS industry classification, and in-house Point-In-Time data sources, Capital IQ’s Risk Models provide a high level of risk forecasting accuracy and are designed to align with the key building blocks typically used in alpha generation and portfolio construction.

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