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Solutions Exchange

Solutions Exchange articles are produced by S&P Capital IQ Solutions Architects team.  In each article, the Solutions Architects focus on specific events or trends in the market in an effort to provide financial market professionals with greater insight through the use of S&P Capital IQ solutions.  

Featured Article

Leveraged Equity ETF Overview And Trends

Leveraged ETFs have been available in the marketplace since 2006. These investment products
use financial derivatives and debt to track the daily returns of an underlying index on a long and
short basis. Since their inception, these financial products have changed along with the
marketplace. Due to increased scrutiny by the SEC, a moratorium on new leveraged and inverse
fund providers using derivatives was put in place in 2010. Using data exclusively from S&P
Capital IQ ETF Style Classifications, we will take a look at the current state of leveraged ETFs
within the U.S., as well as historical trends.

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