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MMD is a leading provider of information on the institutional investment community.

MMD is the leading resource for institutional investor intelligence. MMD allows you to build effective relationships, enhance competitive intelligence, identify new sales opportunities and sources of capital, perform focused prospecting, and develop targeted mailing campaigns.

MMD can provide its clients direct access to the most up-to-date information on 300,000 key decision makers from over 90 countries who control over $48 trillion dollars of investment capital.

MMD delivers accurate intelligence on professionals and funds for:

73,000    Pension Plans

   5,000   Endowments and Foundations

61,000   Defined Contribution Plans

10,000   Defined Benefit Plans

24,000   Investment Advisors

  5,000   Broker Dealers

  1,000   Consultants

For full information on the information that MMD can provide, please see our website:

You can receive MMD information and services in several ways:

MMD WebAccess
MMD is web-based, fast and powerful tool that allows you to access thousands of contacts wherever and whenever you need them. You can also access in-depth information on thousands of firms. Intuitive search functionality allows you to view contacts and firms based on hundreds of criteria including, but not limited to: contact name, firm name, firm type, location, amount of assets, and asset type.

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MMD eDirectories
MMD eDirectories provide select institutional investor intelligence as an electronic book, useful for those who need high-quality MMD information, but do not need the additional functionality provided by MMD WebAccess. Comprehensive and user-friendly, MMD eDirectories enable you access to current and comprehensive intelligence.

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Print  Products
MMD publishes several reference guides, ideal resources for the library of professionals who are in
institutional investing or who need to market to institutional firms. Each book contains comprehensive
information on both institutional funds and the professionals who work there. Access books such as: International Directories, and the Security Dealers of North America.

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S&P World
Standard & Poor's World Stock Exchanges (WSE) is a global platform developed by Standard & Poor's enabling companies to present their unique message to institutional and retail investors, researchers and investment advisors worldwide. WSE is a state-of-the-art, open, information engine with capabilities to broadcast your corporate information to millions of users by leveraging Standard & Poor's existing relationships with the world's leading financial and corporate websites and professional workstations.

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