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Global Markets Intelligence

Global Markets Intelligence is charged with helping investors better understand cross-market and cross-asset class valuations and relationships in complex structured products. This research group produces deep-dive analyses and research to help improve investor-level transparency.

Global Markets Intelligence publishes research under the name Market Intellect. Market Intellect reports are also available on RatingsDirect® on the Global Credit Portal.

Additional research from this group includes Risk-to-Price: The New Risk Benchmark. Risk-to-Price (R2P) is a relative measure of how well a security may be compensating its owner, through yield, for the embedded market and credit risks.

S&P Capital IQ Commentary: The Lookout Report

The Lookout Report is a compendium of current data and forward looking perspectives presented by S&P Capital IQ and S&P Indices. The report provides insights on contemporary issues pertinent to corporate earnings, the equity and fixed income markets, the global economy, capital markets activity, commodities, and index investing. Published bi-weekly by the Global Markets Intelligence research group, the Lookout Report offers a detailed cross-market and cross-asset view of investment conditions, risks, and opportunities. 

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The Fed Tiptoes Around Tapering
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