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Leveraged Commentary & Data

Standard & Poor's Leveraged Commentary & Data (LCD) delivers unique insight into the leveraged loan market through a combination of data, analysis, commentary and real-time news. For investment banks, LCD is a fundamental tool for winning mandates and for pricing and structuring loans to clear the market. While buy-side firms use LCD to comp new-issue deals, identify trading opportunities, and benchmark default and return performance.

The foundation of LCD's service is a proprietary database of loan information – the only industry-wide database of leveraged loan information memoranda. LCD's team of experienced analysts and reporters use this data to create market perspective that is further informed by conversations with buy-side and sell-side professionals.

LCD's coverage of the leveraged loan market includes:

  • Real-time news.
  • Daily and weekly commentary that puts the news into perspective.
  • U.S. leveraged loan market research that each week provides actionable trend information for spreads, fees, volume, secondary prices, loan returns, credit statistics, investor trends, default rates, industry sector statistics and market technicals.
  • European leveraged loan market coverage, including monthly research reports and commentary.

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