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Global Credit Portal

RatingsDirect® on the Global Credit Portal provides real-time access to integrated credit research, market information, and risk analytics. This dynamic web-based platform leverages the latest content and technology to give subscribers the actionable credit market intelligence needed to help assess exposure and capitalize on investment opportunities.  

Subscribers have access to in-depth credit risk analytics based on Standard & Poor’s global credit ratings and research—all in a powerful workflow solution, with features that include:

  • Aggregated intelligence at the sector, sub-sector and industry level
  • Deep dives at the entity, instrument, deal and security level
  • Additional perspectives from S&P Valuation & Risk Strategies Research; Global Fixed Income Research; and Market Derived Signals
  • Graphs, charts and tools to quickly view and assess the latest credit developments, including credit default swap (CDS) spreads
  • Options to personalize views, integrate third-party feeds and share information with colleagues

RatingsDirect on the Global Credit Portal helps users to monitor their credit risk with breaking news; enhance their analysis with the latest credit ratings, research and rationales; and boost productivity with direct access to the content they use most to readily support their analysis, development of credit memos and other ongoing activities.

New Features on the Global Credit Portal

The Credit Health Panel offers quantitatively-derived corporate credit health assessments for more than 28,000 rated and un-Rated Public Companies. Designed to give investors a dashboard view of the credit health of a corporate entity relative to a broad set of entity peers, the Credit Health Panel enables extensive and efficient counterparty and portfolio risk analysis. The Credit Health Panel facilitates Peer group benchmarking and includes income, operational, liquidity, and probability of default measures.

Insurance Markets on the Global Credit Portal is a Web-based suite of data, analytics, and tools supporting underwriting, broking, risk management, independent analysis, and financial governance in the global insurance industry.

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Offered by S&P Valuation and Risk Strategies. 

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