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Consortia and Data Analytics

S&P CapitalIQ provides data aggregation and data analytics services to a group of banks or institutions that agree to contribute data on an ongoing or one-time confidential basis as members of a specific Data Consortium.
Member data is reviewed by the Consortia and Data Analytics team to determine appropriate definitions of default, recovery and resolution. The review also includes an examination of the volume and historical time frame of existing datasets, data formats and workflows of the members. S&P CapitalIQ communicates frequently with members to ensure efficiency in the assembly of the conformed database and the provision of related services. 

Moreover, S&P Capital IQ’s Consortia and Data Analytics provides specified deliverables such as probability of default and loss given default benchmarking reports, quantitative PD models trained on the data, case study analysis, annual presentations as well as access to public and confidential research reports based on the data collected. Throughout this is subject to the level of confidentiality agreed to by the members.


Offered by S&P Capital IQ Risk Solutions.


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