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Ratings Hotline

The Ratings Hotline has been established to enable callers to communicate their issues and raise concerns about Standard & Poor's practices or the integrity of our products.

If you are seeking information about specific ratings research or rated issues, please direct your inquiry to Standard & Poor’s Client Services, which can be contacted at 877-772-5436, option 3, 2 or the email address


For more than 150 years Standard & Poor’s has stood for independence, objectivity and transparency in the financial markets. Clients, employees and market participants who use or produce Standard & Poor’s products, services and opinions expect that our business is free of conflicts and that we maintain the highest standards of independence, quality and transparency. Standard & Poor’s Ratings Hotline serves as another way for Standard & Poor’s to fulfill that expectation.

The Ratings Hotline enables callers to express issues and raise concerns about Standard & Poor’s practices or the integrity of our products. Each inquiry will be reviewed with appropriate functions and responded to. Although not every issue or concern can be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, the processes to be followed will offer a balanced and independent approach to resolution.

The Standard & Poor’s Ratings Hotline is overseen by the Standard & Poor’s Compliance Office, which is managed independently of the Ratings business practices.

How the Rating’s Hotline Responds

A third party provides the dedicated website and hotline that are used for submissions to the Ratings Hotline. Upon receipt of a submission, the third-party immediately emails the exact wording of the inquiry directly to the Standard & Poor’s Compliance office and logs each submission into the Rating’s Hotline’s internal tracking system.

Depending on the subject of the submission (ratings, other Standard & Poor’s services, Human Resources), the issue may be raised with a quality control officer, a department manager or other Standard & Poor’s professional. The purpose is to determine the most appropriate course of action and most appropriate person with whom to follow though on the submission. For some submissions, the Standard & Poor’s Compliance office may call or email the person making the submission, if identified, and request clarification of the matters raised.

The responses for some submissions may include Standard & Poor’s publications covering the issues raised. In other cases, the Standard & Poor’s Compliance Office may request that a Standard & Poor’s analyst or other professional send a detailed response explaining the background or other considerations involved.

Contact Standard & Poor’s Ratings Hotline

Standard & Poor’s has created this Webpage to provide direction on how to report your concerns. In submitting an inquiry, you may remain anonymous or identify yourself and provide information as to how the Standard & Poor's Compliance Office can communicate with you.


To make a Web Inquiry, or to follow up on an inquiry already submitted, please click here.


US Toll Free Rating’s Hotline: 888-475-9342.

Direct Access Instructions for Callers Outside the United States:

To access the Ratings Hotline from locations outside the United States, you must dial the AT&T access number that is specific to the country from which you are calling. For AT&T’s in-country access numbers, click here.

These numbers will connect you to an AT&T center in the United States. You will hear a musical tone and an AT&T branding statement: “(bing) AT&T.” After hearing this tone, you will dial the hotline number, and AT&T will connect the call to Global Compliance.

Please note: International callers must use a “land line” (not a mobile phone) that allows international calls.

Step 1: Dial the AT&T Direct Access number for the country from which you are making the call. Place the call as if you were dialing locally; do not dial any prefixes or other digits.

Step 2: You will hear a tone and a recorded voice saying, “AT&T.” After you hear this tone, dial 888-475-9342. Do not dial any prefixes or other digits.

Rating’s Hotline Privacy Notice

Global Compliance has been retained by Standard & Poor’s to receive reports through the Standard & Poor’s Ratings Hotline Program. You will be asked a series of questions which will help us create a report by focusing on the facts surrounding your issue. From this interview, we will use the information you provide to create an actionable report to be sent promptly to Standard & Poor’s. Responses to your inquiry will be made promptly.

This Web inquiry form uses “session cookies” to remember information you enter as part of this report. These cookies are removed when the session concludes and are not stored on your computer.

You may remain anonymous. However, please note that it may be difficult to investigate a concern if follow up questions cannot be asked.

Please note that your report will be transferred to the United States, a country which the EU considers does not provide an adequate level of privacy protection for personal information. However, Standard & Poor’s has taken measures to protect your information by entering into the appropriate intra-company data transfer agreements to ensure the confidentiality of your report. Standard & Poor’s will maintain your data in a secure database with access limited to authorized persons.

You should be aware that you have the right not to have your report processed. You also have the right at a later date to access the information that you report and to correct or delete any inaccurate information in your submission so long as you do not abuse this right. These rights of access, correction, or deletion are not absolute. Additional information in this regard is available from Standard & Poor’s Compliance