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Standard & Poor's Ratings

For general inquiries including ratings requests, please send an email to or call 877-772-5436, option 3, 1. 

If you know the name of the person you wish to contact, you can contact him/her via email at

For assistance with ratings research or custom research, please send an email to or call 877-772-5436 option 3, 2.

For assistance with permissions or the and public websites, please send an email to or call 877-772-5436 option 3, 3.

S&P Capital IQ Client Services & Sales
Americas: 1-877-SPCLIENT  1-877-772-5436
Call Tree Options
EMEA: +44-(0)207-176-7176
Asia Pacific: +852-2533-3500 (Greater China) / +65-6438-2881 (S/SEA)

For additional contact numbers for the S&P Capital IQ platform, please visit

S&P Dow Jones Indices
Send an email to or call 212-438-2046 or 877-325-5415.